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Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic in Lawrenceville

Helping You Through a Healthy Pregnancy

Lawrenceville Chiropractor

We recommend that you start chiropractic care as early as possible

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, and also one that comes with many changes to your body as your baby grows. Often, pressure on your spine and other stresses on your body can affect your health. Dr. Barnett offers help to expecting moms who want to take care of their health throughout pregnancy.

Techniques for Expectant Moms

We may see you more frequently toward the end of your pregnancy, and can even help make sure the baby is in the proper position for delivery with the Webster Technique. Activator Methods® instrument-based adjusting is another great technique for pregnancy, and the Thompson technique will make sure your adjustments are comfortable as your belly grows. A mix of techniques may be used depending on your needs.

The more adjustments you’re able to get, the better opportunity you have to experience a healthier pregnancy and delivery. That’s why we recommend you start chiropractic care as early as possible.

Caring for Your Child

Lawrenceville Chiropractor

Providing gentle care to your precious child

The birthing process is a traumatic experience for a baby. Force is used during delivery, putting stress on the baby’s tiny spine. Babies respond well to chiropractic care because their bodies are already adapting to life and the new environment. Going to a chiropractor ensures your baby or child is adapting properly and growing at their optimal rate. They’ll be able to handle and adapt to the many stresses of life.

Help for Childhood Conditions

It’s amazing what the body can do when the spine is free from nerve interference! When there’s stress on the body, different disorders can affect us. Getting your child’s spine checked is safe, affordable and doesn’t hurt. You never know what it could help! Dr. Barnett keeps a record of all past and current research on different childhood disorders and chiropractic that she’s happy to share with you.

You deserve the healthiest pregnancy, and your child deserves the best chance at optimal health. Speak with us today to find out more!

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