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Lawrenceville Sports Chiropractic

Chiropractic can help all levels of athletes through an injury or in improving their performance. Whether you’re a professional in your chosen sport or just like to be active on the weekend, we can help you have a body that functions at its peak!

Expertise in Athletics

Lawrenceville Chiropractor Sports Chiropractic

An athlete herself, Dr. Barnett loves using her expertise to help patients of all ages

Dr. Barnett is a former gymnast and track and field athlete and loves using her expertise to help amateur and professional gymnasts and runners. She sees many dancers, whether their type of dance is hip-hop, ballet, contemporary, jazz or tap. Dr. Barnett also helps cheerleaders to improve their performance. Gymnasts have a high tolerance for pain, and Dr. Barnett understands how to work with them to figure out their hot spots.

Proper Alignment Equals Better Performance

If your spine isn’t aligned, the nerves can’t transmit signals from the brain properly. Your muscles might be working, but if the signal from the brain can’t travel down the spinal cord to the nerve, then the rest of your body won’t work at its optimal levels. Getting your spine checked will make sure your body is receiving all messages, and you’ll be able to function at a higher level.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Videos and pictures will help us detect where imbalances are present in your body. Recently, a bodybuilder came in to see Dr. Barnett. The bodybuilder had noticed that a muscle on one side of his back was higher than the other side, and he was having issues with his hips. We took a video of him doing a squat so we could see where he was having problems.

From the video, Dr. Barnett noticed his legs weren’t moving the same way. We measured his squat, the angles of his squat from the front and side, and demonstrated which muscles were weaker or stronger based on his leg movement.

Checking Posture for Balance

We can also take pictures and video to measure your posture, which is great for gymnasts. Dr. Barnett may ask you to put yourself into different positions to look for any imbalances from one side of your body to the other.

We’ll examine imbalances in your feet with different positions Dr. Barnett can direct you into.

Kinesio Tape® is also available to those who need it, though Dr. Barnett cautions her patients not to become dependent on it. Instead, chiropractic will help to correct the cause of your problem.

Whether you’re in pain or just seeking to perform better in your sport, we have the expertise to help you. Contact us today!

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